What Does Window Cleaning Include?

What does window cleaning include?

Understanding Window Cleaning Services

What is Window Washing?

Window washing, also known as window cleaning, is cleaning the glass surfaces of commercial and residential windows to remove dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants from glass panes, restoring clarity and transparency. This practice is essential for maintaining the appearance of residential and commercial buildings and ensuring a clear view from the inside.

Different Types of Window Cleaning Services

Here are some window cleaning services:

  • Traditional Cleaning: Manual soapy solution, squeegee, and scrubbing for residential and small commercial buildings.

  • Water-Fed Pole System: Telescopic poles with purified water for streak-free results without manual squeegeeing.

  • Pressure Washing: High-pressure water for large commercial buildings, effectively removing dirt, mold, and contaminants.

  • Rope Access: Technicians use ropes and safety gear for tall structures and challenging-to-reach areas.

  • High-Rise Cleaning: Scaffolding, cradles, or platforms for skyscrapers and tall buildings.

  • Post-Construction Cleaning: Specialized services for dust and debris removal after construction or renovation.

The Window Cleaning Process

The window cleaning formula involves several key steps to achieve a streak-free, crystal-clear result. Whether you are cleaning windows at home or for a commercial property, following a systematic approach ensures optimal cleanliness and clarity.

Pro Window Cleaning Material

Gathering Equipment:

Before embarking on the window cleaning journey, assemble all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions. Common items include a squeegee, microfiber or lint-free cloth, a bucket, a scrubber or sponge, and a suitable window cleaning solution. Having everything at your disposal will streamline the process and save time.

Mixing Soap and Water

Wetting and Soaping:

Dampen the window surface using the cleaning solution, a water mixture, and mild dish soap. Apply the solution with a sponge or scrubber, covering the entire glass surface. This step helps loosen dirt, grime, and other contaminants from dirty windows, preparing the windows for a thorough cleaning.


Scrubbing and Agitating:

Using the scrubber or sponge, gently scrub the entire window surface. Pay special attention to corners, edges, and areas with stubborn stains. Agitating the cleaning solution helps break down and lift away dirt, ensuring a more effective cleaning process.



The squeegee is a key tool for achieving streak-free windows. Starting at the top, pull the squeegee down in a straight, overlapping motion, wiping the blade with a lint-free cloth between each pass. Continue this process until the entire window is dry and free of streaks. Be sure to angle the squeegee to direct water towards the cloth and prevent drips.

Drying and detailing

Detailing and Drying:

After squeegeeing, inspect the windows for any remaining streaks or spots. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to detail and polish the glass, ensuring a flawless finish. If necessary, repeat the process in areas that require additional attention. Allow the windows to air dry completely before re-installing curtains or blinds.

Professional Approach and Techniques:

Professional window cleaners use customized techniques and quality tools. Experts evaluate each window's unique needs to address challenges like stains and hard water deposits. They use tools like squeegees and extension poles for a streak-free cleaning process. High-quality solutions dissolve dirt and contaminants efficiently, reflecting a commitment to the environment. Attention to detail is key, including frames, sills, and tracks.

Essential Tools for Window Cleaning:

To clean windows, you need a squeegee, a scraper or scrubber, a bucket for the cleaning solution, and lint-free cloths. Use a professional window cleaning solution to avoid water damage and wear rubber gloves for protection. Use a stable ladder to reach high windows and a window cleaning belt or tool holder for organization.


Innovations in Window Cleaning Technology:

New window cleaning technology has improved efficiency and safety. Automated robotic cleaners, water-fed poles, drones with cameras and cleaners, and smart sensors redefine window cleaning practices. Eco-friendly solutions are emphasized.

Window Cleaning Robot

Professionalism in a Window Cleaning Company:

Are professional window cleaning services worth it? Professional window cleaning companies demonstrate their expertise through well-trained employees, punctuality, clear communication, high-quality equipment, strict adherence to safety protocols, and respect for privacy and property. Proper licensing and insurance build client confidence, while attention to detail ensures a thorough service, creating a reputable and reliable presence in the industry.

Quality Assurance and Safety Measures:

Window cleaning requires rigorous staff training, adherence to high industry standards, and the use of quality tools. Regular inspections and customer feedback ensure top-tier service and safety, building trust and satisfaction.

Cost and Value Aspects:

Understanding Window Cleaning Costs:

Residential Window Cleaning:

  • Factors: Costs vary based on window quantity, accessibility, and level of grime.

  • Average Cost: Typically ranges from $4 to $8 per window, but prices may vary regionally.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

  • Factors: Size, height, and frequency of service impact costs.

  • Average Cost: Commercial window cleaning can range from $5 to $15 per window.

High-Rise Window Cleaning:

  • Factors: Height, accessibility, and safety requirements contribute to higher costs.

  • Average Cost: Costs can range significantly, starting from $8 per window and increasing based on complexity.


The Real Value of a  Professional Window Cleaning:

Paying for a professional window cleaning company enhances property aesthetics, preserves window longevity, and ensures a safer, streak-free result. Find more about the costs of window cleaning in Massachusetts.

Plus, it preserves and saves you plenty of time! Trained experts use high-quality tools and eco-friendly solutions, offering convenience and time savings.

The value lies in pristine, well-maintained windows contributing to an overall positive impression.

Additional Services and Care

Screen Cleaning and Other Additional Services

We offer extra services like screen cleaning and high dusting to enhance your space. Window Screens cleaning removes smudges, and high dusting prevents dust from settling, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Our commitment to a thorough and tailored cleaning experience ensures your space maintains a professional appearance and cleanliness.

After-Service Care and Follow-Up

After-service care and follow-up ensure a clear view and clean glass after window cleaning. Quality care from a professional window cleaner effectively addresses broken seals. This care maintains natural light and a clean environment, offering peace of mind. Follow-up services effectively handle broken seals, providing continuous clean and clear windows.

Unique Aspects and Differentiators

Insurance and Liability Concerns:

Our unique differentiator lies in addressing insurance and liability concerns comprehensively. We prioritize client peace of mind by maintaining robust insurance coverage, safeguarding both our team and clients. This commitment distinguishes us within the industry, offering transparency and security in every window cleaning service we provide.

Logistical Aspects of Window Cleaning:

Efficient and safe window cleaning requires proper scheduling, equipment transportation, and access planning. Coordination with clients, tool and solution transport, and access strategy are crucial. Proper planning and communication streamline the process for a seamless operation.

Maintenance and DIY Tips for Homeowners

  • Regularly clean windows with a mild dish soap solution, avoiding direct sunlight for streak-free results. Use lint-free cloths and eco-friendly solutions like vinegar or lemon juice.

  • Gently remove stains with a soft brush and promptly check and repair damaged seals. Trim surrounding vegetation, inspect window frames, unclog drainage holes, and secure hardware for efficient DIY maintenance.

Best Time To Clean Your Windows

Although there are no rules about when is the best time to clean your windows, Massachusetts residents and business owners will opt for warmer seasons since DYI or professional cleaning can be taught if done in the cold weather of New England or the rainy weeks of the spring.

Find more about it in our article “best time to clean your windows in Massachusetts“. 


To sum up, having your windows professionally cleaned is crucial for keeping them clean, clear, and looking great. Whether you prefer traditional methods or the latest technologies, choosing a qualified and experienced service provider guarantees immediate and long-term benefits for both residential and commercial properties.

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