How Often and What is the Best Time To Power Wash Your House?

How often should you power wash your house? What’s the best time of the year? What’s the best time in the day? What is the best weather condition? Find out more now about how you can safely and efficiently get power washing services that fit your schedule and maintain your property in the best and newer state possible.

How often should you have your house power washed?

Houses should be power washed at least once a year in order to keep the best conditions and newest looking as possible. Other than that, each homeowner should consider based on two different factors.

  • Home’s Exterior – What are the building materials of the house?
  • Surrounding area – What is around the house?

Home's Exterior

Your home’s exterior is the first and most important area to consider. Building materials will tell how often to pressure wash, and more. Vinyl siding, wood, concrete, natural stones, no matter what your home is built with, will all show signs that tells how often to pressure wash your house.

Surrounding Area

What’s around your house? Trees, hills, mud, anything that could bring dirty to your home’s exterior? Each house location is different, therefore, bringing into consideration when evaluating when to have your house power washed is going to help you to determine the perfect condition and timing.

Best Dates and Times (Pressure washing)

Best time of the year for power washing services

The best time of the year to power wash your house is between the end of March to the beginning of November, considering those off-winter dates. Letting it get too close, or too early can also be bad, with unexpected freezing conditions.

When evaluating the best day, it will be directly connected to the weather temperatures, so the best temperatures for the service will be between 50o to 950, that’s more than enough to achieve great results, and have less humidity after a complete wash.

Best time of the day for power washing your home

Now there are certain times of the day that may difficult the job, especially in homes surrounded by trees creating shadows. In order to do a great power washing job, the power washer has to be able to see clearly and find stains, marks, dirt, anything that in the shadows or darker time, will not be identified.

Come up with a plan to have your power washing starting anytime between 10 AM to max 4 PM. Following the tip above, if you are not late in the year, you can still have natural light about 4 PM.


Coming to a conclusion, evaluate the following:

  1. What type of material the area you would like to power wash was built with?
  2. Is it easier to accumulate dirt, mold, or others?
  3. What is your home’s exterior environment like?
  4. Are there a lot of trees, mud, a lake?
  5. When does the temperature in your state usually get below 4o0?
  6. Before March and after November?
  7. What’s the earlier you can have your home power washed?

Power washing service is always safer and more efficient when done by professionals. If you are looking for a pressure washing company, you can find more about our pressure washing services here, or even contact us directly for specific instructions and free estimate visits.

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