5 Things You’ll Find When Cleaning Your Gutter

Cleaning your gutters is a crucial part of maintaining your roof and extending its lifespan. Sometimes, it can seem pointless, as you know it’s going to fill up with dirt and debris again.

Still, religiously clearing your gutters will go a long way in preserving your roof and avoiding expensive repair or replacement costs later on, even when the chore can be unpleasant or tiring.

Whether you hire gutter cleaning services or you do it yourself, you may be surprised to find a few things stuck in there. Whatever’s lodged in your gutters shouldn’t be too shocking, as they’re often just leaves, silt, and other living material. Still, if you let them accumulate for too long, the task will rapidly become even more uncomfortable.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutter

Even if you try to inspect your gutters from the ground level and you can’t see anything blocking them, you may still need to clear them. Other smaller things can get stuck inside that aren’t immediately visible, and allowing them to build up will eventually stop the natural flow of water. Soon, it will cause your system to sag, and your gutters will inevitably need a replacement.

Five Items That Get Stuck in Your Gutter

You may be curious to know the items that are directly responsible for your gutter problems. Here are some of them:

1. Leaves

Leaves are the most unsurprising thing you’ll find in your gutters. You can easily see them even when you’re looking up from the ground, and they can block each part of your gutters, rendering them useless. They also tend to mix with dirt and debris, resulting in a large, soggy heap when left for too long.

2. Tree Debris

Living near trees naturally means that some pieces will end up on your roof, especially during storms and blustery weather. It’s easy for them to get stuck in your gutters, as all that needs to happen is for them to land on your roof and wait for the wind to nudge them to the edges. You’ll likely find flowers, seeds, sticks, and maybe even fruit in your gutters when you’re clearing them.

3. Silt

Silt consists of dirt and other particles that begin forming a soil layer on your gutters. The only way for you to see this is to climb up on your roof and inspect your gutters closely. While this may seem harmless, silt buildup is one of the most dangerous for your gutters, as it can quickly get heavy and put additional strain. Eventually, it’ll cause your gutters to sag and break off.

4. Living Plants

If you don’t diligently clear your gutters of silt, plants may start to grow there. Gutters surprisingly have a favorable environment for young plants to thrive, but it will come at the cost of a robust and well-maintained house. To avoid this, be sure to clean your gutters often, especially after a storm.

5. Animal Nests

Some animals, like mice, birds, squirrels, and other critters, like making nests in gutters because they’re intimate, enclosed, and usually provide the building materials. However, they can clog the piping and prevent your gutters from working as intended. Animal nests may also be a problem if you’re afraid of the creatures that may be dwelling in them.


Cleaning your gutter may be time-consuming or tiring, but it’s a necessary task that will help lengthen your roof’s lifespan and keep your home safe from water damage. The good news is that you can entrust the chore to professional gutter cleaning services, who will have no problem dealing with these gutter inhabitants.

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